Jewelry trends and how to display them


Jewelry trends and how to display them

Summer is just around that corner and that means shoppers are on the hunt for accessories that will make them stand out at the beach, the park or a crowded city street. Here are four jewelry trends featured on the catwalk:

1. Statement earrings

Earrings don't have to be subtle. Though these accessories can elevate an established look to another level, they can also make a statement on their own. In fact, Glamour magazine reported that large, statement earrings from multiple designers were spotted at this year's fashion shows.

Unlike studs or hoops, statement earrings tend to be long – sometimes extending multiple inches from the wearer's earlobes. To display these pieces, consider using a T-Bar jewelry display that will allow the earrings to hang to their full potential. Remember, these pieces are designed to stand out, so be sure to position them so that they capture the attention of passersby.

2. Seashell accessories
With the weather warming up across the country, people are beginning to plan trips to the beach for some fun the sun. According to Refinery29, fashionable shoppers are getting interested in faux-vintage accessories that combine jewels, precious metals and natural seashells. These pieces complement light-colored swimwear.

If your shop sells beachwear as well as jewelry, consider displaying seashell-accented pieces together. For instance, our burlap jewelry displays pair well with our distressed wood clothing hangers. If you're offering gold-and-seashell pieces, consider matching them with blue, yellow and cream-colored outfits.

3. Layered bracelets
According to InStyle magazine, layered metallic bracelets are in this year. In the streetwear scene, warm weather means t-shirts are back in a big way, and these tops offer more room to accessorize the wrists. Consider offering lightweight gold and silver bracelets that shoppers can mix and match for multiple looks.

Our industrial piping bracelet displays are perfect for highlighting a single piece or exhibiting how several bracelets can work together. Doing so allows your sales representatives to show shoppers how multiple bracelets can layer to create a cohesive aesthetic.

4. Water drop earrings
Not all jewelry accessories need to be made of metal. In fact, Glowsly reported that PVC was actually a common material at this year's Paris Fashion Week. Specifically, several designers showed off beautiful water drop earrings made from expertly blown PVC. The transparency of these large bauble-style earrings means they can fit well with a variety of styles.